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ImageMAKER Support: customer support, custom development, annual support and maintenance.
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The Leader in TIFF Imaging Solutions

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Support Plans

ImageMAKER Development Inc., developers of the ImageMAKER Fax Imaging Toolkit, provide our customers with a complete and flexible range of cost-effective services designed to ensure rapid, seamless integration and premium ongoing product support. Our Custom Support Services offering complements your team with integration advice and development expertise gained from over one hundred integration projects in application areas including E-Mail, CTI, MFD (Multi-Functional Devices) and Fax Servers.

In short, if your company is facing a technical challenge, we have probably "been there".

Our services include:

Custom Support Services: Systems Integration Services: Custom support services to solve integration problems, ensuring our products quickly and seamlessly merge with yours.

Custom Development Services: Delivered by professionals who have on average fifteen years of experience in the business with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Lucent Technologies. We work on a time and materials or fixed price basis, based on your needs.

Annual Support Services: Product Update Service: Keep ahead of the curve with a steady stream of tested product feature set extenders and operating system updates.

Maintenance Support Services: Our Maintenance Support Services ensure that you get the answers you need, when you need them. Includes immediate access to senior development personnel. Support is available by phone, fax, or Internet e-mail.

If you already have a support contract and need contact information:

You can reach us by Email at ,
FAX us at +1 (604) 520-0029,
or call us at +1 (604) 525-2108.
Our support hours are 9:30AM to 5:30PM Monday to Friday, except Canadian statutory holidays. Right now at our offices, it is 04:58 AM on Saturday, 18 August

Update Policy:

As you can see from the release notes, we are perpetually updating the drivers in response to requests from our clients. We can ship every update, but we have found that this causes trouble with clients' development cycles; they have to re-integrate code to support the new versions that are perhaps only incrementally better, and which do not necessarily include any features that they have a need for.

As a result of this, we have instituted a policy of shipping updates on request. Generally, a client will request an update if

  • he has discovered a problem, which we have repaired; or
  • he has reached a point in his development cycle where he is ready to integrate and test the latest version of his product.

In either of these cases, or for any other reason, we are pleased to ship the latest version of the drivers immediately.



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