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News Digest: 1999

ImageMAKER Redirector for Windows Terminal Server Released

In response to customer demand, we've recently completed development and testing for this product. Redirector allows customers to dynamically route print output by presenting the user with a simple print dialog which can be configured to specify single or multiple outputs. Systems Administrators can also specify default or forced output destinations by user / department or enterprise.

ImageMAKER Internet Fax Connectivity Packs Released

Aavailable as upgrades to our latest version ImageMAKER Print Capture Drivers for Windows 95, 98 and NT versions, these Packs offer a direct upgrade path from current Print Capture Driver products to enable RFC2301 compliant Fax via attachment to MS Exchange client Outlook, Notes, cc:Mail, Eudora and Netscape. This capability supports an industry-wide trend away from custom fax clients and towards the use of existing messaging infrastructures such as Exchange to provide net based messaging management and unifying of messaging types: i.e. both fax and email using the same client.

ImageMAKER enhancements in Q1 1999:

  • ImageMAKER Print Capture Drivers, all Windows versions, have been enhanced to now support the Natural Microsystems TIF format G3/G4 option tag.
  • 24 bit Color support is now available as an upgrade option for ImageMAKER Print Capture Drivers and Graphics Engines on NT platforms, producing JPEG and BMP output.
  • CSID header generation support is now available for ImageMAKER Print Capture drivers, all Windows versions. Customers wishing to develop Internet fax solutions without intervening server rendering processes will find this feature necessary - especially in countries where fax sender identification is a legal requirement - such as the USA.
  • A fix is now available to remedy an ImageMAKER Print Capture Driver uninstall problem for Windows 95 and 98 versions. The uninstall routine was removing the UNIDRIVER .DLL required by other non-ImageMAKER print processes.
  • A fix is now available to remedy an ImageMAKER Print Capture driver uninstall problem for Windows NT4.0 versions. The uninstall routine was removing NT help files.
  • A fix is now available to remedy an ImageMAKER Print Capture driver install freeze problem for Windows NT4.0 SP 4 versions using HotfixQ215 376.
  • The ImageMAKER Print Capture driver - OS/2 version, has been upgraded and now supports Dynamic Job Properties, and has been tested on Warp 4 (fixpack 8 and 9) and Warp 3 (fixpack 27 and later). Printing from Netscape Navigator 4.04 requires support of DJP.
  • Download an evaluation copy from our web page http://www.imgmaker.com/content/download.asp.

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