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New Driver Installer Eliminates Personal Visit by NetAdmin

8 May 2001; New Westminster, BC:

ImageMAKER Development (formerly Spittin' Image Software) is now offering an updated version of its printer installation software that eliminates the need for a member of the administrators group to make a physical visit to every workstation where the ImageMAKER Print Drivers are being installed.

At many large companies, policies have been put in place that prevent a user from installing hardware onto his own machine. This is done in order to decrease administration costs by allowing standardization on a single type of hardware, and to prevent calls to IT departments required to support machines with non-standard hardware which may conflict with hardware necessary for the actual work at hand.

Since the ImageMAKER print driver mimics a physical printer, this means that in these shops, it was impossible to install the ImageMAKER driver without having someone with an administrative ID and password physically visit each NT4 or Windows 2000 workstation.

With the release of our Administrative Install package, it is now possible for you to provide a simple program on a shared resource, which, when run, logs in as a member of the administrators group, installs the printer, and then logs out, without need for physical attendance by an administrator.

A white paper on the process is available here.

For information on licensing this package, or in a variation of the technology to suit your own purposes, please contact for details.


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