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ImageMAKER Development and Spittin' Image Software
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The Leader in TIFF Imaging Solutions

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ImageMAKER Development: Who We Are

In 1984, Ken Davies started to develop an interest in imaging and color. He founded Spittin' Image Software, originally with the purpose of simplifying the process of taking images off screens and putting them onto slides for business presentations and advertisements. As part of this process, Ken started researching the process of writing print drivers for Windows and DOS.

Some time after this, a third party requested that Spittin' Image Software use its understanding of Windows print drivers to create a printer driver that would generate output in a form suitable for submission to a FAX modem. This was done in short order. Three other sales followed. At this point, Ken found that he was spending more time on the phone than he was doing programming, so he outsourced sales and distribution and the product became known as the "ImageMAKER Fax Toolkit".

Spittin' Image Software grew to become an award winning software development company staffed by senior developers with significant industry experience in firms including Microsoft, SHL Systemhouse and Microtel Pacific Research. We have been writing printer drivers and imaging software since 1992. But Ken is still spending more time on the phone than he is programming.

Over the years since then, Spittin' Image has shipped thousands of copies of the print drivers and associated viewing and image manipulation programs to fax server integrators and end users alike. ImageMAKER fax print drivers and related imaging tools, sold under the Spittin' Image Software name, have been integrated into many well-known applications, including products from Microsoft, Lucent Technologies, Nortel, Lotus, Telecom Finland, MCI, Motorola, Cable & Wireless, 01 Communique, and over 170 other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), with over 55 million client installations worldwide.

Recently, Spittin' Image Software has become involved with other aspects of color, such as the COLORCUBE, and has spun off the ImageMAKER product to ImageMAKER Development Inc. With Ken Davies at the helm of both companies, and the support staff and developers from Spittin' Image Software now working for ImageMAKER, we expect to be able to provide imaging solutions for your needs far into the future.

We are fully committed to ensuring that our customers get maximum value and support from our relationship through:

  • an array of flexible, affordable, straightforward, licensing arrangement options;
  • affordable pricing;
  • custom support services designed to assist you in getting your products to market quickly;
  • an annual support and maintenance program designed to give customers premium support service and regular product updates.

Microsoft circa 1976

This is Not the ImageMAKER Development Team but we are aspiring to be like them.

Top row, left to right: Steve Wood, Bob Wallace, Jim Lane. Middle row, left to right. Bob O'Rear, Bob Greenburg, Marc McDonald and Gordon Letwin. Bottom row, left to right: Bill Gates, Andrea Lewis, Marla Wood and Paul Allen.

Bob Wallace went on to found a freeware company that created PC-Write (a dos based text editor that I still use).

Gordon Letwin got his start designing BASIC for Heath-kit. In the end, Heath-kit ended up licencing from Microsoft, and Gordon went to work for Bill. Letwin ended up in charge of operating systems, and was the last of the original programmers to leave Microsoft. Last project was OS/2.

Paul Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease in 1983, left the company with two Microsoft employees (Steve Wood, Marc McDonald) to found Asymetrix.

Marla Wood - Steve Wood's wife. Clerk

Bill Gates, billionaire at age 31. line

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